Route description & Maps 'Verbier Route'

Global Overview

Route Description

Day 1

Take the lift from Argentière to the Grands Montets (3300 m), from there descend to the Argentière glacier.  After that, a short climb to the refuge d'Argentière.
- approx. duration: 2 hours
- vertical meters: down 750 m, up 221 m

Day 2

Descend from the hut to the Argentière glacier, followed by the climb to the first col.  The col du Chardonnet (3323 m) climb is long.  Descend from the col skiing or with followed by a small descent over the Saleina glacier to the foot of the Fenetre de Saleina (3261 m).  The last part of this climb is by foot.  Traverse the Plateau du Trient on ski's followed by a last climb to cabane du Trient.
- approx duration: 5 to 8 hours
- vertical meters: down 220 m, up 800m, down 223 m, up 163 m, down 100 m, up 75 m

Day 3

Descent from the cabane to the col des Ecandies (2796 m). Ski down the Vallée d'Arpette to Champex.  In Champex buy food and have lunch.  Take the bus to le Chable.  Take the cable car from le Chable to Attelas.  From Attles it is an easy traverse to the Mont Fort hut (2457 m).
- approx. duration: 4 to 6 hours
- vertical meters: up 20 m, down 1900 m

Day 4

Very long day.  First climb the col de la Chaux (2957 m),  than descend 200 meters.  The next climb will lead to the col de Momin (3059 m) and will continue to the Rosablance (3336 m).  A steep descent from the top (45 to 50 degrees), followed by a descent to Lac des Dix, stay as high as possible above the lake.  At the lake put on your skins for the last climb and traverse to Cabane des Dix (2928 m).
- approx. duration: 10 hours
- vertical meters: up 1590 m in 3 times, down 930 m in 2 times

Day 5

Little decent from the Cabane to the Tsena Réfien glacier.  Climb this glacier to the col de la Serpentine (3500 m) and continue with a steeper ascent of the Pigne d'Arolla (3796 m).  From there descent via the Vuibe glacier to the Cabane des Vignettes (3160 m).
- approx. duration: 5 hours
- vertical meters: up 930 m, down 680m

Day 6

The last day 3 col's have to be conquered.  First descent to the Mont Collon glacier.  Then climb the col de l'Eveque (3392 m) and descent again.  The second col to be climbed is the  steep col du Mont Brulé  (3213 m).  Follow the glacier de Tsa de Tsan to ascent the col de Valpelline (3568 m).  From thereon it is a long but rewarding descent to Zermatt.


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